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General Dermatology

At the offices of Hacker Dermatology, our physicians: Dr. Hacker, Dr. Saff, Dr. Villacorta, Dr. O’Hara, and Hannah Bissani PA-C, see patients on a daily basis of all skin types for general questions and concerns.

Total Body Skin Exams

Total body skin examinations are performed by dermatologists or other trained health care providers to search for any unusual or suspicious lesions or conditions on the skin surface. When examining people at high risk for skin cancer, dermatologists search for atypical or abnormal-looking moles that could be melanoma, and they also check previous skin biopsy sites for signs of recurrence.

Who Needs a Total Body Skin Examination?

People that have skin lesions, suspicious moles, atypical (unusual) or large moles, or even numerous moles. Anyone that has symptoms of early skin cancer or history of previous skin cancer or a family history of skin cancer of any type should be examined.

female doctor examining a patient's skin for cancer

How Often Should Someone Have a Total Body Skin Examination?

It’s a good idea to check your own skin every month, and have your doctor check periodically. Everyone, not only those with an increased risk of developing skin cancer, should perform regular skin self-exams. Examining your skin for suspicious moles and other lesions could save your life. No one is immune to skin cancer.

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