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Dr. Steven Hacker invented Lumohs Dermaplane and he offers his well known, “Going All In” layered dry/wet dermaplaning layered with PRP and Microneedling in our Delray Beach office for patients wanting to improve facial rejuvenation, help reduce appearance of age, and help treat fine lines, & help restore your skin’s overall youthful appearance. This is the best most effective approach to dermaplaning layered with proven MicroNeedling & added PRP for growth factors. Dry & Wet Dermaplaning, not only removes unwanted peach fuzz and facial hair but preps the skin, treats the skin and prepares for a Dr. Hacker designed layered approach when Dr. Hacker adds layered treatments for a 1-2 Punch with PRP and Micro-Needling.

Lumohs Dermaplaning, is a state-of-the-art premium Dermaplaning tool that creates an immediate, smooth feeling to your skin that’s suitable for applying make-up. Using an ultrathin blade to shave and exfoliate, dermaplaning removes the top layer of your skin and dead skin cells, as well as the hair, through feather-like strokes. This prepares your skin for PRP and Microneedling. Wet dermaplaning also includes use of Jump Vitamin C Serum.

Dr. Hacker’s “Going All in” treatment typically takes about 60 minutes and doesn’t require any downtime. Because your skin must be nourished immediately after “Going All In” it includes Jump Vitamin C 10% serum (for those that can tolerate it) .

Cost of “Going All In”  – $1500 per treatment

Who’s an Ideal Candidate for Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is ideal for patients with rough or dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles or very mild acne scarring. It can also lighten skin pigmentation on the surface only. Specifically, it’s good for:

  • Patients who are pregnant or nursing who want to exfoliate but don’t want to risk a chemical peel because of the possible side effects
  • Patients who have excess peach fuzz and want their makeup to go on smoothly
  • Patients who get an excess of dirt and oil from their hair that causes clogged skin pores – removing the hair helps remove the bacteria and sebum on your skin

Learn More about Dermaplaning in Delray Beach

Dermaplaning removes excess dead skin cell build-up, allowing your skin to appear healthier and more radiant. Your skin is also usually able to better absorb serums and vitamins after a treatment, although very little scientific data exists regarding dermaplaning. If you’d like to learn more about our dermaplaning procedures in our Delray Beach office to see if you’d be a good candidate, please give us a call today.

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