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For All Self Pay & Cosmetic Patient Pricing

We Believe in Price Transparency & Providing Good Faith Estimates by Posting Our Charges Online.

Below is the price range for most commonly performed medical, surgical and cosmetic procedures.
If your procedure is not listed here, please request estimate at time of visit.
As of 10/11/22. Below are estimates only, please verify with office day of procedure.

COSMETIC CONSULTATION COST- $250 and may be applied against cosmetic treatment within 3 months of consultation date

Most Common Medical and Surgical Procedures

  • Price Range for IN OFFICE VISITS: $185 to $250, TELEHEALTH ONLINE CONSULT- $175 – (in office visits range depends on complexity & est. or new patient)
  • Price Range for biopsies: $225-$350 (range varies based on type of biopsy
  • Price Range for cryosurgery: $208 to $350 (range varies based on # of lesions treated)
  • Price Range for Mohs surgery : $1200 -$3500 (range varies based on # stages)
  • Price Range for plastic surgeon reconstructive following Mohs- $500-2500 (range varies by closure type)

Most Common Cosmetic Procedures

  • Price Range for Botox- $499 to $1299 (range depends on locations treated)
  • Price Range for fillers – $799 to $1200 per syringe (range depends on fillers used)
  • Price Range for full face TCA peels- $750-$1000 (range depends on areas peeled)
  • Price Range for laser – $199 – $4000 (range depends on specific laser used and locations treated)
  • Price Range for PRP injection- hair loss- $800 per session.

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