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Dr. Steven Hacker

Meet Dr. Steven M. Hacker, MD

Double Board Certified, Mohs Micrographic Surgery By American Board Of Medical Specialties And American Board Of Dermatology.

Dr. Steven Hacker founded Hacker Dermatology in 1994. He started in a small 2 room office just west of the Intracoastal Bridge on George Bush Blvd. in Delray Beach (long before Atlantic Avenue became a trendy destination spot) and shortly thereafter moved to his current location.

Dr. Hacker is an inventor and holds over 14 patents for devices in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. As a Phi Beta Kappa, Dr. Steven Hacker was 19 years old when he was one of 12 students selected from a national pool to enter medical school early (through the prestigious Junior Honors Medical Program). As an author, he’s published in several textbooks and in more than 20 peer-reviewed medical journals.

As a double board certified Mohs surgeon and dermatologic surgeon, Dr. Hacker has treated well over 25,000 skin cancer patients, many requiring Mohs micrographic surgery for high-risk tumors located on the face. As a dermatologist, Dr. Hacker has experience with well over 100,000 patient encounters.

Dr. Hacker is licensed in both Florida and Colorado and is a Board Certified Dermatologist and is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, fellow of the American Society for Dermatology Surgery and a fellow of the American Society of Mohs Surgery.

Dr. Steven Hacker’s reputation for providing expert, caring, and ethical dermatology earned him recognition from his colleagues and peer physicians who have voted him a Castle Connolly, Florida “Top Doctor” every year for the last 25 years .

As a dermatologist, Dr. Hacker treats many of the area’s doctors, models, and celebrities. His practice went completely state-of-the-art and went paperless 2000 when he digitized over 25,000 patient charts.

Present Position

Founder & President, Steven M. Hacker, MD PA, 1994 – present.

Procedures Performed

Moh’s & Reconstructive skin cancer surgery
Cosmetic Procedures Including: Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane

Postdoctoral Training

Notable Post Graduate Continuing Education:
Harvard Medical School Continuing Medical Education Aesthetic Symposium (16 hours CME) – Oct. 2015
Cosmetic BootCamp Aspen Colorado (16 hours CME) – July 2011
South Beach Aesthetic Symposium (25 hours AMA CME) – Feb 2010
Harvard Medical School Continuing Medical Education Association – 2007
Harvard Medical School Continuing Medical Education Aesthetic Symposium – September 2007

Residency: Dermatology, Shands Hospital
University of Florida, Gainesville

Chief Resident, Dermatology

Intern/Residency: Internal Medicine

University of Michigan Hospitals University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


M.D. University of Florida, Gainesville
B.S., Interdisciplinary Basic Biological Medicine
University of Florida, Gainesville
Junior Honors Medical Program (1 of 12 selected nationally)
University of Florida, Gainesville

Double Board Certification

Diplomate, American Board of Dermatology – October 1994
Recertified 2001 and 2013

Founding Member of American Board of Medical Specialties

For Mohs Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery Sub Specialty- Dec 2023.

Honors / Awards
  • One of twelve selected nationally to enter medical school early through prestigious Jr. Honors Medical Program-selected at age of nineteen 1983
  • Dr. Steven Hacker has been selected and recognized by his peers, colleagues and referring doctors in the state of Florida as a best dermatologist resulting in a designation and selection as a Top Doctor by Castle Connolly for the last 24 years running straight
  • Awarded with 15 patents in biomedical engineering, biochemistry and medical devices.
  • Phi Beta Kappa
Professional Societies

Phi Beta Kappa
Golden Key Honor Society
Noah Worcester Dermatological Society
American Academy of Dermatology, Fellow
American College of Physicians, Associate – 1989-1991
American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery
American Society of Mohs Surgery, Fellow
American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, Fellow
Florida Medical Association
Palm Beach County Medical Society
Palm Beach Derm Society
Florida Society of Dermatology

Television Interviews
  • NBC Affiliates – Today’s Health with Faith Daniels, Segment on Sensitive Skin – 7/19/97 – 11:30 a.m.
  • CNBC Affiliates – Today’s Health with Faith Daniels, Segment on Sensitive Skin – 7/20/97 – 3:00 p.m.
  • PBF. ABC Affiliate – News Segment on Botox Therapy – Aired 1/16/98 – 11:00 p.m.
  • NBC Affiliates – Parenting in the 90’s with Kim Alexis – Segment on Sunscreens – 1/3/98
Speaking Engagements
  • YPO Regional Meeting, Speaker 2002 “Recognizing signs of Skin Cancer”
  • Enterprise Development Corporation, Guest Panelist- Funding the Life Sciences 2008
  • Palm Beach County Medical Society Speaker Future of Medicine 2008
  • TEPR 2008 Speaker on Electronic Medical Records
  • North Broward Hospital District – General Topics/Office Medicine
  • 5/95 – to Family Physicians: Common Dermatological Disorders
  • University of Florida Dermatology Grand Rounds – March 1995
  • Florida Society of Dermatology – Breakers, West Palm Beach
    • 6/94 – PXE: Update of Recognition and Management
  • Family Practice ‘94 – Orlando, Hilton
    • 6/94 – a. HSV Infection
    • Cancers of the Skin: A clinical approach to diagnosis
  • Florida State Department of Corrections – Gainesville Hilton
    • 11/93 – Cutaneous Disease in the Correctional Population
  • Florida State Massage Association
    • 2/94 – Cutaneous Disease in the Massage Population
  • University of Florida, Medical School
    • 2/92, 4/92, 11/92 – a. Cutaneous Manifestations Internal Disease


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