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Effective Laser Brown Spot/Tattoo Removal

Whether you have brown liver spots on the back of your hands, face, or chest, or you regret your tattoo choice and would like to have it removed, Hacker Dermatology specializes in effective, painless laser brown spot and tattoo removal in Delray Beach. We use The Alex TriVantage® Laser for both types of procedures because it’s renowned for its superior ability and time-tested performance to remove brown liver spots and tattoos of all shapes and in all locations on your body. It’s also less expensive on average per treatment than many other comparable laser removal options. Since the laser procedures produce a very bright beam of light, we ensure everyone wears protective eyewear while the laser is in use.

Learn About Our Process

female physician examining an older patient's hand

Laser Brown Spot Removal

How It Works

Also called solar lentigines or solar dyschromia, brown liver spots are skin discolorations that can make your skin look old, which tends to bother many people living in sunny Florida. Starting as low as $399** for laser removal of multiple brown spots and including a consultation with Dr. Steven Hacker, we use The Alex TriVantage® Laser as our total brown spots and pigmented lesion solution. Typically, brown liver spots can be treated in just one or two sessions.

If and when appropriate, Dr. Hacker injects a local anesthetic into the treatment site using a needle that’s about the size of your eyelash. The injection is barely felt, and it numbs the treatment area, so you don’t feel any pain. Alternatively, if it’s a wide area of skin, Dr. Hacker may just use topical lidocaine to minimize the effects of the laser. The lasers produce a very short burst of intense but gentle laser light that has been adjusted to the proper wavelength (color) to be absorbed by pigment. Absorption causes photothermolysis (heat damage) to the area with the brown spots without significantly damaging any surrounding skin tissue. Dr. Hacker’s laser treatment usually leaves other adjacent skin tissue relatively intact, so that healing occurs with normal pigmentation/skin color in most patients.

** Pricing for laser treatment of brown spots is dependent upon the size of the area being treated, the location, and the number of brown spots being treated.

tattoo being removed with laser

Laser Tattoo Removal

How It Works

Whether you’re experiencing tattoo regret, remorse, or you’re just tired of your tattoo and want something new, Dr. Steven Hacker uses The Alex TriVantage® Laser as his total tattoo and pigmented lesion solution. It’s renowned for its superior ability to treat greens, blues, and black with laser-pumped-laser technology that delivers the same remarkable performance on tattoos of all colors. Starting as low as $99 per treatment**, Dr. Hacker will inject a local anesthetic into the treatment site using a needle that’s about the size of your eyelash. The injection is barely felt and numbs the treatment area so that we can treat you painlessly with the laser, similar to the process we use to remove brown liver spots.

Dr. Hacker plans each tattoo laser removal treatment usually every 4-8 weeks or more. Waiting for this length of time in-between sessions gives your body enough time to “carry away” the laser-damaged tattoo or skin discolorations pigment, which you see as fading of the tattoo or skin discolorations. Because this fading process is somewhat individualized and tattoo/skin discolorations ink isn’t standardized, we cannot guarantee 100% complete removal of all tattoo or skin discolorations. In general, amateur tattoos typically respond best (and more quickly) in about 3-8 sessions. Professional tattoos may take anywhere from 6-12 treatments or more.

Most sessions last anywhere from 5-30 minutes. If there is hair near the treatment area, we will ask you to shave this area on the morning of the procedure for better results. Some patients experience “pinpoint” bleeding points, scabs, swelling, or blisters immediately after each treatment (and later crusts or scabs). Some patients also experience minor, temporary discoloration or reddening of their skin near the treatment site(s). Depending upon your underlying skin pigment, you may also experience a lightening of your skin for up to a few months after treatment, but normal pigmentation usually returns.

tattoo being removed with laser

The R20 Method

What It Is

The R20 method is a newer treatment approach that we use to try and treat a tattoo in fewer treatment sessions. This tattoo removal method involves the same high-tech laser devices that were previously used in dermatology clinics, but they’re being utilized in a new way for more effective, accelerated laser tattoo removal. With the R20 protocol, a dermatology laser surgeon administers a series of treatments over the inked area with a laser device. These treatments, or “passes”, are spaced approximately 20 minutes apart during a single office visit rather than being administered as single treatments in separate visits spaced over many months. However, there are still no 100% guarantees, as it depends largely on the tattoo technique and ink involved. Certain tattoo colors and inks respond better than others.

** Price is based upon 1 square inch sized tattoo, but the prices increase for larger tattoos. Our pricing is transparent and upfront with no hidden charges. Tattoo treatment pricing includes one consultation:

  • Small tattoo (1 sq. inch) - $99 per treatment session
  • Medium tattoo (2 sq. inches) - $ 199 per session
  • Large tattoo (4 sq. inches) - $299 per session
  • X-Large tattoo (6 sq. inches) - $399 per session
  • XX-Large tattoo (8 sq. inches) - $499 per session
  • XXX-Large tattoo (10 sq. inches) - $599 per session

For tattoo sizes larger than 10 square inches, we will price treatment at the time of your visit. If you want us to use the R20 Method, it will require 3-4 hour-long treatment sessions, so you would multiply the price line for each tattoo size x 3. We also offer a bundle option where if you pre-pay for a package of five treatment sessions, you’ll receive your sixth treatment session free.

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We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a consultation to determine your eligibility for laser brown spot or tattoo removal in our Delray Beach dermatology clinic. Please contact Hacker Dermatology today to book your appointment!

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